Installing and upgrading BrowserHawk


This section provides an overview of the installation of BrowserHawk, along with details on your installation options. Please take a few minutes to review this section before installing the software. Doing so will help you choose the best installation options and configurations for your particular needs. Note: If you plan to use BrowserHawk4J, you also need to separately download the BrowserHawk4J product and follow its installation instructions in the readme.txt file within the zip.

Installation overview:

Tip: You may be asked to reboot after installation. If you are upgrading from a previous version of BrowserHawk, you can maximize your odds of not having to reboot by stopping your web services prior to running the installation program. For IIS users this means stopping the IIS Admin service. For ColdFusion MX users this means stopping the ColdFusion services (and also the IIS Admin service if running the IIS web server). For all others this means stopping your web application and/or web services.


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