Importing your license key


You will need a license activation key in order to run the BrowserHawk Editor and the BrowserHawk .NET or ActiveX components after installation. This key was emailed to you as an attachment after purchasing BrowserHawk. If you wish to evaluate BrowserHawk before purchasing, you can download a trial key from the cyScape web site.

Importing your license key with the BrowserHawk Editor Installed

If you installed the Editor - after your installation of BrowserHawk is completed, choose to launch the BrowserHawk Editor in the last screen of the installation program. Or you can choose Start->All Programs->cyScape->BrowserHawk->BrowserHawk Editor..


When running the BrowserHawk Editor for the first time, you will be prompted for your license key. Use the screen presented to select your license key. After importing your license key, the splash screen will display your license information so you can verify the information is correct. If this is the first time you have installed BrowserHawk on this computer the Setup Wizard will run automatically after you import the key.

To review your license key information and product version number:

image\DO-IT.gif Select About from the Help menu


Note to evaluation users: Your license activation key is valid for approximately 30 days from the time you downloaded it from cyScape – not from the time the product is installed. You should note the expiration date from the Help About dialog box. BrowserHawk will not accept subsequent evaluation keys after your evaluation period has expired. To continue using BrowserHawk you will need to purchase the product.

Importing your license key without the BrowserHawk Editor Installed

If you do not choose the BrowserHawk Editor as an installation option, then you will be prompted for this key at the time of installation. The Setup Wizard is not available if the Editor is not installed so the components settings will run with its default values.


Note to BrowserHawk4J users: In addition to importing your key in the Editor as described above, you must also copy your .lic license file as described in the README file distributed with the BH4J software.


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