Uninitializing BrowserHawk


BrowserHawk is automatically initialized the first time a BrowserHawk object is created in your scripts after your web services or application is started. Under some situations, such as before installing an upgrade to BrowserHawk, you may wish to uninitialize BrowserHawk.


Tip: Do not confuse uninitializing BrowserHawk with uninstalling BrowserHawk. Uninitializing just removes BrowserHawk from memory if already loaded. Whereas uninstalling BrowserHawk removes the software permanently from your computer.


The specific steps to uninitialize BrowserHawk are dependant on your system configuration. Follow the instructions below accordingly.


Important Note: When stopping the services as instructed below, it is important to stop them using the Control Panel Services applet, not Microsoft Management Console (assuming IIS is your web server).

If you are using Microsoft IIS/PWS 3.0:

If you are using Microsoft IIS/PWS 4.0 and higher

If you are using Macromedia ColdFusion or ColdFusion MX:

If you are using any other web server:


Note: The above steps remove BrowserHawk from memory. BrowserHawk will automatically reload itself after the web services are restarted the first time a web script or application creates a BrowserHawk object or one of its related classes.


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