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Welcome to BrowserHawk. BrowserHawk makes it easy for organizations to deliver the best web experience to their customers. It helps ensure the website works flawlessly for each and every visitor, and when it doesn't, provides automated browser troubleshooting for a fast resolution to the issue.


To help you get up to speed quickly with BrowserHawk, we recommend taking a few moments to review some of this documentation, depending on your experience in working with browser detection.


If you have just installed BrowserHawk and are running the BrowserHawk Editor for the first time, please proceed to the Quick Start Guide for  information on importing your license key and running the Setup Wizard.


We recommend reviewing the following topics – depending on your previous experience with browser detection.

If you have used browser detection in your web scripts previously, review the following:

If you are new to browser detection, review the following:

Tip: To easily recall this help page for future reference:

image\DO-IT.gif Choose Welcome to BrowserHawk from the Help menu in the BrowserHawk Editor


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