Document conventions


Conventions used in this manual have been established to help you learn to use BrowserHawk quickly and easily. As much as possible, the conventions correspond to those found in other Windows documentation.


Menu names and options are shown in bold type. Special notes are shown in blue text; helpful tips in dark blue text. Combination keystrokes are shown as CTRL+X, where you should press the Control key and the corresponding letter.


Actions requiring a series of steps are shown in a numbered list within a separate popup window with a yellow background. In most cases all steps shown need to be completed to perform the desired action. For example:

1. This is a sample listing for a two-step process.

2. Last step.


Actions requiring a single step are shown as follows:

image\DO-IT.gif This is a sample one-step action


All source code presented in this documentation for your use or reference is printed in the Courier New font and is indented. For example:

 <% 'sample source code shown in this font %>


Lastly, screen captures from the actual BrowserHawk software are provided in appropriate sections, along with an explanation of all dialog boxes and associated field input to help you understand the subject matter being presented.