Purpose of the Quick Start Guide


This guide provides you with a quick summary of the steps necessary to get up and running with BrowserHawk in less than five minutes. If you have already installed BrowserHawk, you should skip ahead to Step 2.


Note to BrowserHawk4J (BH4J) users: This documentation is primarily focused on understanding and working with the BrowserHawk Editor, the .NET component and the ActiveX component. Documentation for BrowserHawk4J is available separately. If you plan to use BrowserHawk4J, it is not required that you install the BrowserHawk Editor, .NET,  or ActiveX component. However you will need to do so if you want to customize your browser definitions or download updated browser definitions from cyScape. For detailed documentation on BH4J see the readme.txt file and JavaDocs in the BH4J zip file.


The steps needed to get up and running quickly with the BrowserHawk Editor and ActiveX component are as follows:


Step 1: Download and install BrowserHawk

Step 2: Import license activation key

Step 3: Test your installation

Step 4: Update your web scripts to use BrowserHawk


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