The BrowserHawk4J JavaBean


BrowserHawk4J is our Java implementation of BrowserHawk ideally suited for use from JSP, servlets, and ColdFusion MX. You can also use BrowserHawk4J from servlets from server-side JavaScript, and anywhere else that server-side Java™ is available!


Important notes:

Because the BrowserHawk4J component is nearly identical to the .NET version of BrowserHawk, we have not duplicated the documentation for all its classes, properties and methods here. Instead please see the JavaDocs that are included in the BH4J zip file.


If you plan to use cyScape’s ongoing browser definitions as most do, and do not wish to customize these definitions on your own, then you do not need to use the BrowserHawk Editor. Otherwise you should consult the information in this chapter to learn how this is accomplished.