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BrowserHawk To-Go Service Overview
BHTG or BH Classic - which is right for you?  

BrowserHawk is available both as a hosted service (BrowserHawk To-Go), as well as self-install product (BrowserHawk Classic).

BrowserHawk To-Go (BHTG) is implemented as a set of JavaScript libraries. These libraries are available for your use from JavaScript that resides in any type of web page, including pages rendered by ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP, or even static html files. You simply add a JavaScript tag to your page, and then use JavaScript on the client-side to access the functionality of BrowserHawk. [How BHTG works]

BrowserHawk Classic, on the other hand, is implemented as a server-side component. The component is available as a native .NET assembly (for use with ASP.NET), an ActiveX server control (for use with ASP), and a Java library (for use with ColdFusion, JSP, and servlets). You install the component on your web server, and then add code to your server-side pages (i.e. ASP.NET, JSP, etc.) which acceses the functionality of BrowserHawk through the component's API.

Differences in implementation
The primary difference between BHTG and BH Classic is that BHTG gets implemented on the client-side using JavaScript, with no software to install or server-side code required. Whereas BH Classic gets implemented on the server-side, by installing software on your web server(s) and adding server-side code to your ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion, or JSP pages.

In general BHTG is easier for organizations to adopt because a) it can be implemented by a programmer or web designer of any skill level, b) it does not require IT resources to install or maintain, and c) it does not have any upfront licensing costs.

If you are an advanced web developer, don't be fooled by BHTG's simplicity into thinking it is only for less skilled developers. On the contrary, it offers the essentially the same functionality of BH Classic in a model that many expert developers prefer. For example, once BHTG became available we switched the cyScape web site over to it.

Differences in functionality
The functionality offered by BHTG and BH Classic is essentially the same, with these notable differences:
  • The Firewall and OpenPorts tests are not currently available with BHTG (but are coming soon)
  • With the BHTG RET library you can instantly add a robust browser checker and troubleshooting page to your site without any programming. To do this with BH Classic you would need to write custom code and roll your own solution, based around the RET engine included with BH Classic.
  • With BHTG you can log BrowserHawk's results either on your own network, or to the BHTG Network and use our reporting and analytics package. With BH Classic you log the data to your own network and are responsible for your own reporting and analysis.
  • With BHTG there is no need for a "please wait" tempoary page while browser settings are being tested, nor are there any query string changes or browser redirects issued. This is because, unlike with BH Classic, BHTG resides directly in the user's browser instead of on your server.
Differences in licensing and pricing
With BH Classic, a purchased license is required for each production server it is installed on. The functionality provided varies based on the edition purchased (compare editions). Yearly maintenance can be purchased to receive support and upgrades beyond the first year. BH Classic pricing information is available here

With BHTG, there are no upfront license fees, nor are there any editions to choose from. Rather, the full functionality of BrowserHawk is available in your account, and you simply pay a monthly fee based on the type and amount of service you use. BHTG pricing information is available here.

Depending on a variety of factors, including the number of web servers you have, the amount of your website traffic, and the BH functionality you want to use, BHTG pricing may work out less than BH Classic, and vice-versa. BHTG greatly reduces your internal costs for implementing and maintaing BrowserHawk, so consider this as well.

Some organizations may be able to expense BHTG as a service, rather than treating it as a capital expense. So this may also factor into your decision. Check with your accounting department for more information.


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