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Compare BrowserHawk Editions
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Detect all IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and hundreds of other browsers
Detect iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Andriod , Blackberry, Pre and hundreds of other mobile devices
Detect hundreds of search engines and crawlers
Native support for 32 and 64 bit operating systems
Detect installed Microsoft .NET CLR and version
GUI based Editor for viewing/customizing browser definitions
Integration with Visual Studio and other IDEs
Detect 80+ properties including platform, DHTML, XML, StyleSheets, FileUpload, and more
Perform reverse DNS lookups
Detect mobile devices and PDAs
Detect SSL key size (i.e. 40 Vs. 128 bit) from HTTPS pages
Detect Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support level
Detect default TLS version and maximum supported TLS version
Integration with CountryHawk (requires CountryHawk, available separately)
Detect disabled cookies  
Detect disabled images  
Detect when IE is run in High Security mode  
Automatic browser definition updates  
Detect disabled JavaScript and disabled Java applets  
Detect Flash, Acrobat, Silverlight, MediaPlayer, Shockwave, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Adobe SVG, and Authorware plug-ins  
Detect blocked Flash  
Detect screen size, browser window size and color depth  
Detect broadband Vs. dial-up connections  
Detect user's download connection speed in bits per second and latency in milliseconds  
Detect browser local time and time zone difference between client and server  
Detect language of user and OS  
Easily generate JSON and XML representation of BH results  
Detect Font Smoothing setting in control panel  
DashCache for maximum performance  
Automatic caching and retrieval of BH results to the user's session (Automatic Session Caching)  
Rules Enforcement Technology (RET)    
Tracking and reporting of actual page load times for all visitors (PLT technology)    
Detect user's upload connection speed in bits per second and upload latency in milliseconds    
Interface with external browser tests and custom JS execution (expandable API)    
Automatically log JavaScript errors users encounter on your site    
Real-time, unique browser statistics not available with any other web reporting software    
Automatic logging of all statistics to your database with no programming required    
Detect blocked popups    
Detect installed fonts    
Detect disabled ActiveX controls and disabled VBScript    
Detect disabled / blocked TLS or incompatible TLS versions    
Detect blocked 3rd party websites and or 3rd party content    
Detect disabled HTML5 Web Storage    
Detect IE 8 and higher browsers running in IE Compatibility View mode    
Detect JVM version and Java vendor    
Detect build number of installed Microsoft JVM dll    
Detect operating system bit size and browser bit size (32 vs 64 bit)    
Detect service pack (i.e. ";SP2;Q271292") and browser build (i.e. 6,0,2462,0)    
Detect detailed operating system version information, including Mac OS X versions    
Enhanced connection speed testing to finely control the balance between testing time and accuracy of results    
Download time estimator automatically calculates the download time for a specified file based on user's connection speed    
Detect JavaScript and VBScript build numbers (i.e. 5.6.6012)    
Detect SSL key size without requiring a separate HTTPS page for testing    
Detect firewalls, proxy settings, and blocked ports    
Detect iPIX, Crystal Reports, Citrix ICA, Viewpoint, MapGuide, and Java plug-ins    
Detect custom plug-ins    
Detect View->Text Size setting in IE 5+    
Detect minimum Windows Installer version    
Detect Microsoft XML parser version    
Detect Microsoft NetMeeting build number    
Real-time monitoring of internal DashCache parameters for optimizing component speed    

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