Understanding browsers


The most important object in BrowserHawk is the "browser" object. A browser object is used to represent any software agent that may be used to access your web site. Examples of browser object include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and the AltaVista search agent.


Your maindefs.bdf file contains definitions for most browsers that are likely to visit your site. As time passes you may want to add new browsers which emerge or customize existing browsers to your specific needs.

Each browser definition consists of the following:


When you create a new browser, you provide the above information to BrowserHawk. The "parent" information is important because it helps you quickly assign the appropriate property values based on a similar type or generation of browser.


The most important information you provide when defining a new browser is the search string which BrowserHawk should use to identify the visiting browser based on its user agent . The next section provides detailed information on how the visiting browser is identified.


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