Preferences and options


BrowserHawk provides several preferences and options to allow you to work with it as best suits your needs. All preferences and options are set to defaults appropriate for users just getting started. As you become more familiar with BrowserHawk you will likely find that customizing these options will help make your browser detection even easier.

To view or customize these options:

image\DO-IT.gif Select Preferences and options from the Special menu, and choose the desired tab as described below.



Controls system property display, BDF version number, and other miscellaneous options.



Options for setting your desired level of automatic user agent logging.



Used to set preferences and options for cyScape's DashCache technology.


Reporting Options:

Used to set the location of the BrowserHawk Reports web service and to select the properties you wish to record statistics for.


Reports Database:

Used to configure the database that BrowserHawk Reports logs its statistics in.


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