Downloading BDF updates


Since new browsers and other agents are continuously emerging, cyScape provides updated BDF files to account for these new browsers and their properties. cyScape will also continue to add new properties as well to better help you use that information in your web scripts. Therefore, it is important that you download our updated BDF files on a regular basis. And thanks to the integrated BDF Download Feature, the process of keeping your BDF up-to-date could not be easier!


The BDF Download Feature is integrated into BrowserHawk so that your updated BDF is only a mouse click away. Once you start the download process, BrowserHawk first checks the cyScape server to determine whether you had previously downloaded the latest version of our BDF. If so, a message is shown explaining that you already have downloaded the latest version. At that point, however, you can still choose to download it again if you so desire.


To manually check for an updated BDF file from cyScape and download it if available:

image\DO-IT.gif Choose Download latest BDF from cyScape from the Special menu


Tip: This method of updating your BDF is a great way to manually check for an update. However, for optimal results use the cyScape Update Service which will automatically check for updated BDF files from cyScape and download them for you on a regular basis. Just set it and forget it!


Note: Updated BDFs from cyScape are available to all customers with active Support and Maintenance plans. Your purchase of BrowserHawk comes with one year of Support and Maintenance, and can be renewed yearly..


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