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Easily ensures your minimum system requirements are met
  Whatever your site's requirements, you can easily use BrowserHawk to alert users if their system is not up to snuff, before they encounter problems.

Dramatically cuts support and maintenance costs overnight
  Handling the same issues over and over? BrowserHawk provides all the technical details you need about each user to make self-guided support and troubleshooting a breeze. This cuts support dramatically.

Significantly increases web-based sales and conversion rates
  With BrowserHawk you can completely eliminate web site abandonment due to technical issues with your site. This results in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and repeat business.

The industry standard solution for Intelligent Browser and System Analysis
  As the first product of its kind, introduced back in 1997, BrowserHawk is the de-facto industry standard solution with over 35,000 developers in 70+ countries. We continuously innovate and deliver several updates throughout the year, every year.
Maximizes your site's impact and usability to reach its fullest potential
  BrowserHawk makes it easy to deliver a rich, flawless web experience tailored to each user's system capabilities. No longer are your design options limited.

Provides unique analytics to better know and understand your customers
  BrowserHawk provides the most comprehensive solution for fully analyzing the system capabilities of your target audience - invaluable for troubleshooting issues and guiding future development.

Increases customer satisfaction
  Eliminating browser errors from your site and providing self-guided help creates high levels of customer satisfaction. This provides a competitive advantage by increasing brand preference and customer retention.

Saves you time - now you can stay focused on your core work at hand
  Home-grown browser detection is costly and very time consuming to maintain. By leaving the browser detection to us, you significantly cut your development and QA time. This provides much more time for you to focus on your core work at-hand.

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