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Browser tries to download cyscapeBRWS.dll instead of executing it
Created: 10/25/2011    Updated: 10/25/2011
Q   When users hit my page that is supposed to log to the database with BRWS, the browser tries to download the BRWS to them rather than executing it.

A   That is a sure sign that execute permissions are not set up properly in your IIS configuration. This issue is not specific to BrowserHawk - it will happen with any ISAPI extension when permissions are not set properly.

Make sure your IIS users, or any other accounts that authenticate through IIS, have at a minimum read and execute permissions on the cyscapebrws.dll.

If you are using IIS 7 or higher there is another step you must take to avoid this issue, which is rather tricky and easy to miss. Be sure to do this:

  • Run IIS Manager and drill down to your website in the left hand pane and click on it to select it.

  • Look for the Handler Mappings option in the middle pane within the IIS section, and double click it.

  • In the far right pane there will now be a section called Actions. Look for Edit Feature Permissions... and click it.

  • In the dialog that pops up you will see a check boxes for Read, Script, and Execute. Make sure they are all checked. In particular if you are having this issue you will find the Execute box is unchecked. Checking it will resolve the issue.
You may also find the topic on BRWS configuration useful.

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