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BrowserHawk To-Go FAQ
The BrowserHawk To-Go RET library instantly adds the world's most popular browser checker and troubleshooting tool to your site. Below are the FAQs for the RET library.  

What is the BrowserHawk To-Go RET library?
The RET library instantly adds a robust browser checker and troubleshooting page to your website, without the need to install or maintain any special software. Now you can ensure that each user meets the your minimum browser and system requirements, and provide personalized, automated self-help to users that experience difficulties. CLICK HERE to see the RET library in action!

How do I define the browser and system requirements?
Your requirements are defined by creating a file in XML format that defines a "test". A test is a group of browser and system checks for specific settings or conditions you define. For example, you may want to define a test that requires users to have at least IE 7 or Firefox 2 on Windows, with cookies enabled and Flash 8 or higher, and a broadband connection. You upload your rules file to your account on the BHTG server, where it executes as called upon.

Are there pre-configured rules and styles to choose from?
Yes! There are a number of popular pre-configured tests and styles available for you to choose from. These tests and styles can be used as-is, or as the basis for you own customizations. For example, you can download one of the pre-defined tested, customize it to taste and/or combine it with pieces from another test, and then upload it to your BHTG account as a custom test.

Can I customize the output and design?
Absolutely! Everything about the browser check page is completely customizable. You control what tests are performed, what conditions are pass, failures, and warnings, and what messages to display accordingly. The entire look and feel is also completely customizable. You control the window size, title, headings, fonts, colors, graphics, icons, and layout. This is done using a stylesheet file (.css) that you upload to your account running on the BHTG server.

What tests are performed?
You control which tests are performed. Popular choices include browser type and version, platform, connection speed, blocked pop-ups, Java settings, security settings such as disabled JavaScript / cookies / ActiveX, plug-in detection (Flash, Acrobat, media players and others), language, screen size and much more.

How do I add the browser checker to my site?
To use BHTG you simply add a single line of HTML into your site, along with a special link to the BHTG Network. When the link is clicked (or when you trigger it programmatically), BHTG serves up the browser check page based on your defined "rules" and desired style. As a fully managed, hosted solution there is no software to purchase, install or maintain, and the integration into your site can be handled by a web designer or developer of any experience level. See the BHTG Users Guide for complete details on how to call BHTG from your website.

What does it cost and how am I billed?
With BHTG there are no up-front licensing or setup fees. Rather, you just pay a small fee ($0.0015 - $0.49, based on volume) each time a test is executed for one of your users. Other small fees may apply based on your usage of the service. See the BHTG pricing page for more information.

I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
Please email us at if you have any additional questions about BrowserHawk To-Go. We look forward to hearing from you!

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