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Welcome to the BrowserHawk Video Tutorials section. These tutorials serve as the building blocks for quickly getting up to speed with important concepts in BrowserHawk.

This section was recently added, and there are many more videos on the way. So be sure to check back often.
BrowserHawk basics
Installation Walk-thru
In this tutorial we walk you through the installation of the .NET and ActiveX version of BrowserHawk. Topics covered include the installation options, downloading the latest browser definitions, and performing the initial configuration. We also take a quick look at the installed samples and documentation.
Rules Enforcement Technology (RET)
Introduction to RET
This tutorial provides a detailed overview of the RET technology and how it works. See how RET easily integrages into a web site to pre-screen users before allowing access to areas that require specific browser functionality. Note: The Fancy Pants site demoed here is also distributed with BH as a RET sample site.
RET integration with Visual Studio
This tutorial demonstrates how RET integrates with VS for use in ASP.NET web sites. Watch as we build a robust, highly customized browser and system check page for our site with just three clicks of the mouse. Really! Note: The template demoed here is available in your BrowserHawk\dotnet\templates folder.
BrowserHawk To-Go RET
Introduction to BrowserHawk To-Go RET
BrowserHawk To-Go RET (BHTG) offers all the functionality of RET in a ready-to-run, hosted solution. BHTG is ideal for those who do not have the time, resources, or need to install BrowserHawk locally and develop a custom browser checker using RET. In this tutorial we show how South Arkansas Community College uses BHTG to ensure their students meet requirements to use their Blackboard Learning Management System.
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