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ColdFusion Developers Journal Reviews BrowserHawk

BrowserHawk received high marks in ColdFusion Developers Journal, which featured BrowserHawk on the cover. Read the full CFDJ product review here.

"I had always wished for a quick and easy server-side solution to handle simple browser and plug-in checking, but had never even fathomed having access to the amount of information that is made available using BrowserHawk from cyScape. If you think this is just another browser detection script, you could not be more wrong."

"[BrowserHawk] is definitely the software to use for customizing your Web visitor's site experience. I definitely will be using BrowserHawk in the future. While you may not need all of the functionality of the Enterprise edition, they have a fair pricing structure that will allow you to purchase only the functionality you need."

Full review: CFDJ Product Review of BrowserHawk


ASPAlliance Reviews BrowserHawk

ASPAlliance President and Founder Steve Smith puts BrowserHawk through its paces, and raves about it in this review.

"BrowserHawk is the market leader for commercial browser detection components..."

"...I would strongly recommend you download cyScape BrowserHawk and give it a test drive. I found the product to be very mature, well-documented, easy to use, and full-featured."

Full review: ASPAlliance Product Review of BrowserHawk


MSDN Magazine Reviews BrowserHawk

Industry guru Scott Mitchel praises BrowserHawk in the May issue of MSDN Magazine, page 11. View the review here.

"While the Request.Browser property [provided by ASP.NET] provides some usefulness, it suffers from two main drawbacks. To perform more-indepth browser analysis, you'll need to turn to a third-party component - BrowserHawk by cyScape, Inc."

"If you need a foolproof way to determine or log your visitors' browser capabilities, BrowserHawk may provide the support you're looking for."

Full review: MSDN Product Review of BrowserHawk

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