Required permissions


Using the BrowserHawk components requires adequate permissions on certain BrowserHawk files. Otherwise the component may fail or result in an error message stating that permissions are inadequate.


Note: In most cases the default permissions that BrowserHawk uses during installation are sufficient to run BrowserHawk without explicitly setting any permissions as described in this section. These notes are provided to help you resolve any issues in the event that the inherited permissions are not sufficient, as may be the case if you have specifically taken measures to tighten the default security on your server.

Setting required permissions

Before making any permission changes it is recommended that you first try to use the component from your web scripts. If it works as expected you know that your server’s default security settings are adequate to run BrowserHawk without setting permissions on your own.


If you receive a message stating "ActiveX component can’t create object" or any error message from BrowserHawk about inadequate permissions, follow the instructions in this section to resolve the issue.


Assuming you are using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), the IUSR_xxxxx account requires Read (RX) permissions on the following BrowserHawk files:


To set these permissions, use File Explorer to search for each of the above files on your machine. These files will be either in your system directory, and/or in your BrowserHawk installation directory (\Program Files\cyScape\BrowserHawk by default) depending on your installation options.


After locating the files, right click on each file and select Properties from the pop up menu. Then select the Security tab on the next screen and press the Permissions button. Then add the required permissions for the IUSR_xxxxx account.


Note: If you plan to use BrowserHawk’s automatic user agent logging feature you will also need to add Write permission for the IUSR_xxxxx account on the directory where the log file will exist, based on your log settings. Otherwise BrowserHawk will not have sufficient permissions to write out the data file.


If you are using a web server other than IIS, you should set permissions the same way for the security account that the web server runs under instead of the IUSR_xxxxx account.