About the RuleEngineResult Class

The RuleEngineResult class is used to programmatically access the results of Rules Enforcement Technology (RET) tests, as executed by the RuleEngine class.  The RuleEngineResult's most popular property is HtmlTable, which returns a full HTML table containing the pass/fail results of the test, ready for output to the browser. The Redirect property is also useful for issuing a timely redirect, should any rules you have defined result in the need to redirect the user to another URL.

In addition, several other properties and methods such as IsFail, FailIds, and FailCount are very helpful for writing your own custom code to process RET test results if you wish to do so manually.


Tip: See the numerous RET samples included with BrowserHawk and the Rules Enforcement Technology Users Guide (available separately) for more information.


Note: Use of this class requires the Enterprise Edition of BrowserHawk.


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