About the BrowserObj class (.NET)


The BrowserObj class is used to provide information on the basic properties about a browser. Basic properties are properties that cannot vary across browsers of the same type, version, and platform. Put another way, basic properties are those properties that will always be the same for a particular browser type and version running on the same platform, regardless of the end user's settings.


For example, the Browser, Version, Platform, DHTML, IFrames, StyleSheets, and Tables properties are basic properties, and will always be the same for every user with IE 6.0 on Windows XP.


To obtain an instance of the BrowserObj class associated with a particular visitor, call the BrowserObj static GetBrowser method.


There are also extended properties in BrowserHawk. These are properties which, unlike basic properties, can vary across users with the same browser type, version and platform. See the ExtendedBrowserObj class for more information.