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In order to achieve a highly personalized Web experience with a small development team, Washington State University took advantage of a sophisticated set of technologies. The complexity of the ASP development demanded detailed browser detection. The alternative solution using browscap.ini did not provide the accuracy required and created a maintenance issue - something an active web site already has in abundance.

WSU's CougNet project creates an online community for alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the university. CougNet offers a personalized experience for users, and provides a convenient tool for staying in touch with the university. Ensuring a unique and enriching experience is a requirement.

Installed BrowserHawk with automatic browser definition file updates for correct identification of the exact sub-versions of each browser. The software provides high accuracy while working virtually maintenance-free via the automatic update service.

The site is able to provide a high level of personalization taking advantage of the full capabilities of the browser in use.
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