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Morehead Associates specializes in conducting employee opinion research that informs and stimulates organizational performance and culture change. The Morehead web site serves a critical role in supporting their customers and delivering their online products and services.

The site is designed for high availability and security. Morehead discovered that many clients were accessing the site with a variety of browsers and with certain technologies disabled or blocked. This presented challenges because their web site requires JavaScript and cookies to be enabled, and requires popup blockers to be turned off.

Popup blockers in particular were causing issues because their system could not warn a user before their session timed out. This would result in these users losing all their work without any advanced notice - a frustrating experience for certain. Morehead is committed to the best possible experience for their users, and needed a quick solution to solve these challenges cost-effectively.

Morehead installed BrowserHawk Enterprise Edition. Following the brief installation process, the ASP.NET code needed to solve their challenges took web developer Andrew Durstewitz only 20 minutes to write and implement. Now, when a user enters their site with sub-standard configurations, the user is alerted to this and guided to corrective action.

BrowserHawk enabled Morehead to eliminate these browser issues overnight. The solution continues to be extremely well received by Morehead's clients. It also is highly valued by their IT Departments, which previously spent significant time troubleshooting these browser issues. Browser testing is now quick and painless. BrowserHawk continues to save Morehead and their customers significant time and money, and ensures a high level of satisfaction with their online experience.
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